fscked.org is reborn

They say that after 7-10 years, every atom that makes up your body has been replaced. Brand new stardust, as it were. Well, this domain turned 8 last year when I took down all the content. It turned 9 today, and so like a phoenix rising from the ashes, fscked.org has been reborn.

Gone is the old green and black static html monstrosity (and the epitaph that followed it), and in its place is a shiny new CMS that, while it has a few rough edges, is extremely flexible, and extensible. Ok, my theme is a little ugly still, but overall, not bad for 3 days of work.

So what happened to bring about this rebuild? Why now? Well, I'm glad you asked! For the past 7 years or so I sort of dropped off the radar. I guess you could call it being chilled, but mostly I just decided that I didn't want to live quite so public a lifestyle anymore.. or at least for a while. I stopped updating my website, and after a while, I just felt it wasn't representative of me, and took it down.

However, I've since learned the hard way that when you discover a security vulnerability, unless you are able to jump up and down and scream "this shit is broken" as loud as you can (with demos and working proof of concept exploits), people just aren't going to listen to you. Because ultimately, listening to you means doing work, and potentially even changing how they do things. And most people don't want to do either of those unless they're forced to. That, and with all the noise, FUD, and sensationalism in the MSM, it's quite hard for most people to understand what security and privacy issues are serious, and what's just grandstanding.

So this website has been rebuilt in an attempt to provide a sounding board to try to publicize the scads of privacy issues and vulnerabilities I come across on an almost weekly basis in my volunteer work for the Tor project, and also serve as a general repository for all the random hacks and one-offs I do from time to time.

Let's hope this incarnation lasts.

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