EigenFaces vs. FisherFaces

Basically this is some Octave source code that implements both EigenFaces and FisherFaces for face recognition techniques, as well as a paper that describes the implementation details and provides a brief comparison. I didn't discover anything particularly interesting, but I did manage to replicate in one weekend a project that took the WCS a full year. Oh, and mine worked, theirs didn't ;).

Zummy: It's Alive!

Zummy is an IRC Q&A bot that used to answer FAQs in the EFnet IRC channel #LinuxOS near the end of the last millennium. He can learn from linking-verb based statements in a channel and subsequently answer questions using those definitions. He also has a keyword-based system that can be programmed by channel ops. Believe it or not, Zummy was actually even quoted in a publication as a consultant, thus passing an unofficial Turing test.

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