C++ Functor to C Function Pointer Conversion

Pop quiz hotshot: You're on a bus with no Internet connection. You absolutely need to interface some new C++ code with a shoddy old C interface based on function pointers. The new C++ code makes heavy use of functors to carry state between call invocations. The C code must call these C++ functors by way of a function pointer, and only a function pointer. Your function pointer prototype cannot take any additional arguments for the class type. What do you do? What do you do...

The AntiAntiSniffer Sniffer

This was an entertaining little one-off. Basically, it started with the l0pht announcing a sniffer detection utility on Friday, July 23, 1999. Coincidentally, I was bored late that night at the NCSA when I was reading their announcement, and decided I'd spend the night defeating their program. Normally I would have just went home, but when I realized that I could call my program The AntiAntiSniffer Sniffer, I couldn't resist. I worked through the night and the next day, and by Sunday, I had come up with something that in theory, defeated all of their methods of sniffer detection, 3 days before they actually released the detector.

Strange Attractors

This is another project inspired by the PosterChildren. I was listening to their song by the same name, and decided I felt like coding a visualization program for the Lorentz Strange Attractors. I also wanted to brush up on my NDE skillz, and so I implemented a vectorized 4th-order Runge-Kutta solver to plot the thing. This was actually a pretty ridiculous idea. I think I was on drugs or something.

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