Prepaid Cell Phone ID: National Security Through Sales Clerks?

The Washington Post was first to break the story on the proposal of Senators Schumer and Cornyn to require prepaid cell phone purchasers to provide ID. Now, most of the media has been reporting in the same typical "objective" sense, with some grandstanding statements voiced by the Senators being "balanced" by privacy advocates. The final paragraph of these articles typically sums things up by pointing out that about 10-15 countries already require ID for prepaid cell phones. The thing that is appallingly missing is that no one in the mainstream press has stopped to do the minimal amount of research to see if prepaid cell phone registration has at all reduced crime or terrorism in any these countries, nor have they really questioned if it stands any chance of actually working. Not one person has stopped to question the core assumption of this proposal, and that is this: it requires that WE TRUST OUR NATIONAL SECURITY TO OUR POINT OF SALE CLERKS.

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