Strange Attractors

This is another project inspired by the PosterChildren. I was listening to their song by the same name, and decided I felt like coding a visualization program for the Lorentz Strange Attractors. I also wanted to brush up on my NDE skillz, and so I implemented a vectorized 4th-order Runge-Kutta solver to plot the thing. This was actually a pretty ridiculous idea. I think I was on drugs or something.

A Rose for Rose

See, now this is where I make up for comments like that Fisher Faces one. One weekend I was bored, and was reading some interviews by the PosterChildren. In one question, the bass player in the band, Rose Marshack, describes a way to divide a triangle a bunch of times to yeild an object with infinite parameter that still fits inside a circle with finite parameter. I decided this could be made to look like a rose, and the rest was history. Smooth eh? You know what's smoother? She's married. To the lead singer. (Who is also awesome).

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