TorCtl: Python Tor Control

TorCtl is a python Tor Controller Protocol library with extensions to support path building with various constraints on node and path selection, as well as statistics gathering. It is fully pydoced, and if I do say so myself is pretty damn spiffy, and supports interaction with Tor path selection at several different layers of abstraction.

CookieMonster: Cookie Hijacking

Cookiemonster is a proof of concept python-based cookie hijacking utility that is able to capture cookies of improperly secured HTTPS sites via the local network. In its default mode of operation, Cookiemonster tracks the HTTPS sites visited by a each local client IP and then automatically injects HTML elements for each HTTPS domain into subsequent regular HTTP requests to a particular client. This causes any insecure HTTPS cookies from the automatically collected target domains to be transmitted unencrypted for capture by Cookiemonster, which then writes them into Firefox 2.0 or 3.0 compatible cookie files.

TorFlow: Tor Network Analysis

TorFlow is set of python scripts written to scan the Tor network for misbehaving, misconfigured, and overloaded Tor nodes. The ultimate goal is to build an automated, distributed reputation system that feeds into the Tor directory servers and provides them with information on the stability, capacity, and trustworthiness of routers, so that they can set flags that clients can use in routing decisions. This is admittedly a lofty goal. In the meantime it should be able to figure out a bunch of neat stuff about Tor.

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