Something is Rotten in #opdarknet

Update 9/9/14 @ 10:30am: This post was originally published on November 2nd, 2011. I altered the date to bury it so I wouldn't have to look at it every time I went to update my site. The memory of this horrible event was discouraging me from writing new content.

Update 11/2/11 @ 4:50pm: I again have experienced a DDoS against, again through Tor (though some IPs also appeared to be non-Tor), shortly after posting this article. It seems to have subsided, and was not as strong in intensity as the original attack.

I seem to be the target of a vigilante lynch mob (or a subset of one) who will not dispose themselves of the notion that I run a service called Freedom Hosting (despite having evidence in their possession to the contrary).

I have nothing to do with Freedom Hosting. I have no idea who runs it. I have never even used it.

I assume Freedom Hosting is a Tor hidden service that will host content for money and does not reject clients regardless of content, as long as they can pay the bills. This service has attracted the attention of #opdarknet because it apparently has become a home to child porn hosters.

I am not sure exactly why they are targeting me, but I strongly suspect it is meant as a distraction campaign at a key time in Tor's funding and development cycle.

I don't believe all #opdarknet members are involved in this campaign. Indeed, from what I hear, there are a few camps among them: some of them are rational people who think the campaign against me is distracting them from attacking the actual child porn sites, and they have argued vehemently against smearing me. However, the crazy contingent appears to keep winning out somehow, and the libel against me keeps getting posted to pastebin (and then later revised to conceal exonerating evidence).

My guess: The crazy contingent are the ones who started work at 10am sharp each day for three days in a row (even spanning the Halloween weekend) to harass me on IRC, until I pointed it out, after which they stopped. Who pays their salary, I wonder?

Here's the TL;DR breakdown of their "evidence" so far:

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